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How to Prepare Your Pet for His or Her Vacation

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Your pet is a loved and integral member of your family. His or her happiness is important to you. When you need to leave town for a time, you may understandably feel worried about how your pet will fare at a pet boarding facility near Cold Lake. But choosing Kritter’s Kountry Kennel will go a long way to ensuring your pet’s time away from you is a fun and happy adventure. Preparing them (and yourself) will make the transition smooth and seamless. Here are some ways you can get your pet ready for boarding.

Visit the Kennel with Your Dog A bit of a look around before the big day gives you and your pet a chance to become acquainted with their home-away-from-home. This way the new environment and its accompanying smells and sounds will already be familiar to your pet when the time comes for them to remain for a more extended stay. Update His or Her Vaccines This is a standard requirement at most kennels. Ensuring immunizations are up-to-date protects pets from picking up illnesses. Try to ensure any needed shots are administered at least a couple weeks prior to their stay. Write out or Otherwise Inform the Boarding Facility of Special Requirements Every pet is unique and many come with particular needs that must be monitored. Information that should be shared with the boarding facility includes:

  • Any Dietary Restrictions

  • Any Existing Medical Conditions or Physical Limitations

  • Any Particular Fears or Anxieties Your Pet Has

  • Socialization Strengths and Weaknesses

Pack a Bag Your canine’s comfort during their vacation at a dog boarding facility near Cold Lake will be enhanced by familiar objects from home. Some things to pack in your pet’s bag might include the following:

  • Favourite Toys

  • A Loved Blanket or Familiar Bed

  • An Object with Your Scent on It Such as an Unwashed T-shirt

  • Special Foods Needed or Enjoyed

  • ID Tags and Walking Collar

  • Medications

On Departure Day Keeping up a similar demeanour to the one you usually exhibit will signal to your dog that all is fine. Several hours before you leave for the pet boarding facility, take your canine for a good long walk. The fresh air and exercise will help ensure he or she is calm when they arrive at the kennel. When it comes time to say goodbye, keep it short and sweet as extended emotional farewells can make your pet anxious. Choose a Kennel that Cares Kritter’s Kountry Kennel provides a cozy respite for pets whose humans need to leave town for a time. Our pet boarding facility near Cold Lake—we’re in Bonnyville—has both indoor and outdoor runs. Dogs get walked a mile a day, and have plenty of chances to play with other pets who are boarding. Your pet is guaranteed to have a great time while you’re gone. Call us today to arrange a visit or find out more.


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